4 Easy Steps to Find Yahoo Mail Login History

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Yahoo Mails Gives you feature to Check your recent login activities so your Yahoo account keeps safe and secure. You can find any unusual activity like Your Yahoo Account Is Accessed from Another IP Address or Your account is been hacked etc. Still, do recognize that unfamiliar log-in is sometimes due to authentic reasons such as Internet provider using proxy location or mobile device choosing the incorrect location. So, take the essential steps after investigating every phase.

How to Check Yahoo Recent Login Activity

1. Go to your Yahoo Mail account login page and sign in. Log in using your valid Yahoo ID and password and, Click Sign In to continue to your mail account.

2. After sign in When you are redirected to your mailbox, you will notice your user name on the uppermost right side. Pass your mouse over it and a little screen will appear. Choose the ‘Account Info’ link.

3. Inspect the Recent Activity. Click the “Recent Activity” menu from the left panel. All the recent actions made by your Yahoo account will be exposed. Most items here will include your login or session records since Yahoo continues track of these.

4. You will see your all history like your browser name and session records. Sing-in records of the past 30 days are managed by Yahoo.


These are some steps for how you can find “Yahoo mail login history” but in case, still you have some issue then you can call Yahoo customer service department who works 24*7 for its Yahoo customers.

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