how to troubleshoot Yahoo mail Hiccups in Android devices

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how to troubleshoot Yahoo mail Hiccups in Android devices

If your Yahoo application does not work in the Android device, so you can catch the guidelines below to solve the difficulties you face. The directions below will help you get your application most reliably.

Update Yahoo application is the primary solution for every problem

Update Yahoo mail app is the most comfortable way to fix Yahoo mail application issues. You can do it by proceeding to the Google Play Store and visiting Yahoo. If it says Update then press it. And Wait until the application is updated before restarting it. If a particular problem continues, then follow the next step.

Problem 1:- How to deal with the connection problem in android?

You need to verify if your device is connected to the Internet or not. If you are not connected, you cannot use the application.

 Connection obstacles can also happen if you have not allowed the application to complete specific functions. This would refer to the permissions of the application.

Application permissions refer to several settings that allow an application to connect to different information found on your device. Therefore, it is better to examine the permissions you have granted to Yahoo Mail application Make sure they are enabled. 

How to see permissions before installing the Yahoo mail
  1.  Open your Google Play Store.
  2. Tap on Apps and visit the search icon. Write to Yahoo.
  3. Click Yahoo Submit the application and press Install.

Soon, the screen will be displayed. It will explain to you the different permissions that Yahoo mail application requires.

How to see permissions after installing the Yahoo mail application
  1.  Go to the home page of your device's screen.
  2.  Visit settings then Application Manager.
  3. Tap on the Yahoo Mail application icon.
  4. Visit the permission part.
  5. Enable some necessary permission for your application to work properly.

Problem 2:- What to do if the application crashes, stops or slows.

Are you facing Yahoo mail application crashes or freezes daily? Then don't worry because it is a simple problem. Just follow the steps below to solve:

  1. Update the Android operating system. Make sure you are using the latest version. You can examine online for ways to update your Android operating system depending on the device you use. It will change from one type of gadget to another.
  2. Clear the cache and application data. To do this, you must open the Settings application on your Android device. Press Application Manager> Yahoo Mail> Storage. Then, hold Clear data. Finally, press Clear cache.
  3. Force the closure of your application and later run it once more.
  4. Uninstall the application. Then, stall it again using Google Play Store.
  5. If none of these above solution work, then connect with Yahoo Support to solve your issue.

Problem 3:- Yahoo Mail Password Problems in Android Device.

 You should verify the following to fix Yahoo Email password problems:

  • Capitalization of the first letter: - Your current Android device may be capitalizing on the first letter you enter each time. Normally, this is done automatically. Hence, you must check it twice.
  • Incorrect password: - If you are not assured of the password you are entering, you can pick the option I forgot my password.
  • Special characters: You may have used special characters that cannot be located on your mobile device. If this is the case, change the previous password with the help of YAHOO SUPPORT.

Problem 4:- device associated problems

Kindly check out the points and fix your issue.

  • Device instructions: - you should check the official website of the phone manufacturer. About instruction to use applications.
  • Insecure applications: - Yahoo block access to accounts, unusual applications and programs that has out-of-date security. You can give temporary access to insecure applications while changing applications.
  • Cookies and cache: - you may have deleted all your cache and cookies. Therefore, you must log in to your account again using your mobile device or browser

Problem 5:- Fights with security settings

There may be problems with your security settings. You can clarify this by eliminating all applications that are connected to your Yahoo! account. Once this is complete, you must reconnect the applications you trust.

How to remove Yahoo! Mail application settings using your desktop browser
  1. Log in to your Yahoo account.
  2. Press Recent Activity.
  3. Visit the part called Applications connected to your account.
  4. Search for all entries and press Delete next to all of them.
  5. Log in to your Yahoo account using a mobile device.

How to remove Yahoo mail application settings found on mobile devices

  1. Go to Yahoo Send the application and press the Menu that looks like three horizontal lines.
  2. Click on Manage accounts> Account information.
  3. Press Recent Activity.
  4. Visit the section called Applications connected to your account.
  5. Press Delete next to each entry included in this section.
  6. Use the mobile device to log in to the Yahoo Mail account.

Conclusion smiley

In this guide, we have shown you several Yahoo Email problems on Android devices. You can easily find the particular problem you face and follow the guidelines above. 





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