Yahoo Frequently Asked Question | Common Yahoo Issues Asked By Users

Get a solution to your question in a few simple steps

Get a solution to your question in a few simple steps

Here are the most advanced problems identified by us for Yahoo messaging:

Yahoo Mail has lots of users around the world and even if you are computer-savvy, you may have problems with your yahoo mailbox such as attachment problems or problems with sending or receiving the file.

Many Yahoo users have shared with us about Yahoo's issues.

There are two principal problems that happen regularly: Forgot username & Password Problem.

List of Common Frequently Asked Question Which user Mostly Asked

1 problem: my Yahoo mailbox was hacked?

Numerous of you have sent us information about a Yahoo account hack.

Here are several messages pretty similar, we will offer help below the testimonials. Please let us know if you are in the same circumstances as these users.

  • Linda asked: - I have not had access to my yahoo account for more than 3 months. I believe that my account has been hacked. Please help me, I am hopeless.
  • Emmanual: - I can no longer reach my email on my iPad. The following message arrives: unable to retrieve mail, connection to the server has failed. Yahoo doesn't permit me access to my account for 12 hours due to security concerns. The attempt of hacking perhaps! Should I wait or is there an easy way to unlock my account faster? It looks complicated to me. Yahoo is the main server in my information.
  • Lucien: - someone hacked my mailbox and my account was blocked, I am requested to answer a question to which I had answered at the time and which I do not recognize today. How to find my mailbox I don't want to miss it.

Advice & Support 

If you feel that your account has been hacked, you must first change all the passwords connected with your yahoo email address.

Examples: Shopping sites, PayPal, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

That is extremely important because if your account has been hacked, the hacker can enter other sites and services related to your email.

Next, if your account is blocked or unavailable, you must report it to Yahoo customer support.

You will have to answer a secret question that was asked to you when opening your mail account.

Check out this helpful video if you have any doubts:-

2 Problem: How do I reset my Yahoo password?

Do not worry because you can easily reset your Yahoo Password in few simple steps:-

  • Lisa: - After more than 15 days of the last open session, I cannot open my account despite my password is accurate. I would like to overcome and restart my account.
  • Astride: - since I moved from one country to another I can no longer open my Yahoo box, I have a false verification code I cannot receive a phone msg my number has switched.
  • Josh: - After February, I can't enter my account. When I enter my username and password, I am demanded to give the place where I met my spouse for the first time. My answer is downright rejected and my box is blocked after 3 attempts. Furthermore, when I use my second recovery account, I enter an empty box when I require to recover a very important email.

Help & Support

On this page, you will get complete detail on how to change your password.

3 Problem: - How Can I Contact Yahoo By Phone?

 You can only talk to Yahoo customer support representative if you have a pro subscription. and another way to contact yahoo is, you can send an email to the mailing address or you can use chat option.

4 problem: - How Do I Contact Yahoo Customer Support?

Yes, you can contact Yahoo customer support by dialing toll-free +1-844-818-3355, or you can also chat with Yahoo live representative via using this link

 5 Problem: - How to Delete Yahoo Account?

Follow the guidance given below to Delete Yahoo Account:-

  • Visit Yahoo deletes the user page and fills your username.
  • Later, enter your password if you are sure to delete your account.
  • Again you need to enter your password for confirmation.
  • At last press ok button to delete your account
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