Yahoo Mail Management | how to handle Yahoo account

Yahoo Mail Management | how to handle Yahoo account

How to sign in and out of your Yahoo account?

Enter your Yahoo Email ID, and password in the designated fields, and click the "Enter" button.


If you are logged into your Yahoo Mail account or another Yahoo service, in the last few hours and you do not click Exit or do not close the browser, then your account will remain accessible without having to log in. Click on any Yahoo Mail icon or visit the page

You may view your Yahoo on the screen to access the account if you have used the same computer to connect to Yahoo. To sign in to another Yahoo account, click the Sign in as a different user link, or sign out of the current account and sign in to the new account.

prevent your account from others 

To stop someone else from using your account then you need to completely exit the service at the end of the session.

Click on the Exit link at the top of the page. In this process, the next person who uses the same computer will not be able to enter your account. Following these steps is especially important if you are using a public or shared computer.

After logging out of your Yahoo Mail account, click the "Sign out completely" link to sign out of all your Yahoo accounts. If you only leave Yahoo but you do not leave your Yahoo account, the person who uses the computer after you will be able to reach other services from your Yahoo account.

How do I delete the Yahoo messages?


Are you seeming at the list of messages in your Inbox or are you reading a specific message?


If you are viewing at the message list:


Verify the box to the left of the message you want to delete. Then tap Delete at the top of the message list. This will send the message to the Trash.


If you have opened the individual message:


Hold the Delete button at the top or the bottom of the message. This will send the message to the Trash.


To permanently delete the contents of the Trash, click on Empty next to the folder in the left column. Are you sure you want to empty this folder ??? If so, then click OK to delete ... or Cancel if you prefer not to delete the messages. 

After clearing the messages from the trash, they will be permanently deleted from the Yahoo Mail server. and they cannot be retrieved later.

Is it possible that deleted messages can come back?


If you delete messages in Yahoo Mail, they go to the trash. If you make a mistake deleting a message, you can get it for a while in the trash and move it to the inbox or another folder. Recognize that the messages in the trash can be deleted at any time and without preceding notice.


To forever delete the contents of the trash, click on Empty next to the folder in the left column. After removing the messages from the trash, they will be permanently deleted from the Yahoo Mail server. and they cannot be retrieved later.

How do I use the Color and Graphics Toolbar in Yahoo Mail?

You can write something fun and cute with colors and graphics. 

The initial step is to activate the color and graphics mode. 

Already have it activated? If so, when you click on Compose, you will view a row of buttons the color and graphics toolbar above the compose window: the buttons to pick the font, use bold, underline, italics, etc. If you don't recognize these buttons, follow these steps to activate them:


1. Click Options in the upper right corner of the email page.


2. Now in the management section, click on General Preferences.


3. The When composing messages section, select "Compose new messages in colors and graphics".


Beginning from left to right, the first button on the toolbar is the spell checker (ABC). Below are the buttons with which you can add some style by changing the font and color.


Initial there is the dropdown menu for the font. It has two written F's. Click this button to view the different font options available and select one.


The next menu is to change the size of the text. Pick the font size you want to use by pressing the button with the two A's and selecting the desired size from the menu.


To use the following buttons, first, highlight the words you want to change by clicking on them and dragging the cursor over them. You can also double-click a single word or use the arrow keys while pressing Shift.


(Bold): Highlight the text to which you want to add boldly and press the "N" button.

(Underline): Highlight the text you want to underline and press the "S" button.

(Italic): Highlight the text to which you want to add the cursive letter and press the "K" button.

Text Color: Highlight the text you want to add color to. Now click on this button to view a selection of many colors. Click on the color you want to use. Or, you can select the color of the text first and then start writing; We will apply that color to your text automatically.


Color to highlight (background): Do you want to add color to the background of your message? Highlight the text to which you want to add a background color and press this button to choose the color.

Insert smiley: Attach emotions to what you say with our selection of graphic emoticons.

Insert line: Insert a horizontal line. Very useful


Insert hyperlinks (web links): Insert a link to a website for example

Numbered and bulleted lists: Create numbered or bulleted lists.


Change Alliance: Select to align text left, right, or center it.


Decrease indentation: Put the cursor to the left of the text, where you want the margin to go, and click on the Decrease indentation button.


Increase indentation: Put the cursor to the right of the text, where you want the margin to go, and click on the "Increase indentation" button.

How to Compose an email in Yahoo?

Click Compose in the upper left corner to write a message.

On the page that opens, tap the blank box next to the To field and enter the email address of the person you want to write to. In the Subject: field, give your message a title or symbolize the subject of the message. Then write what you want in the message window. It's the big box below the To: and Subject: field.


Now sending the message is the simple part. Once you've written your message (and added photos or files if you want instructions below), just click Send. It is above the message window.


That's it, you've already sent it! Here are some more details:


Multiple recipients:

Send your message to more than one person. Add more email addresses in the To: field and separate them by a comma (for example,,, etc.).

What is CC:


Add one or more addresses in the CC: field if you want to send a copy of the messages to others. To show the CC field: click Show CC above the To: line. Others who receive this message will be able to see any contact that appears on the CC: line.


What is BCC:


If you want to send a copy of your message to someone, but you DO NOT want other recipients to know, click Show Bcc above the To: field. BCC stands for "hidden carbon copy". Recipients in the Bcc: field is not involved in the message read by recipients in the To: or Cc: fields; They also don't view what other users are in the Bcc: field. For example, if you send a message to with CCO:, lindalee will be seen as the only recipient while john will see that you have sent the message to linda lee in the To: lindalee field 


Correct spelling:


When you write a message in Text Formatted format, for example in the row of buttons for Bold, Italic, etc. Along the top of the compose window, click the button on the left with a checkmark and ABC written. 

If you are in Plain Text mode, click the Correct Spelling button at the top of the window, between the Save as Draft and Cancel buttons. Select the correct word in the Suggestions field and then click on the Change button.


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